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学费 & Affordability

Scots are for each other. At Saint Andrew’s School, we know that your child’s education is one of your top priorities, and for most families, investing in an 独立的 school education requires careful planning. We also know that an investment in your child’s education is an investment for their future, and at Saint Andrew’s, our goal is to make that future a bright one.


学费 for Academic Year 2024-2025

Lower School 


upper School Day
Grades 9 - 12


Lower School 
Grades  K - 5


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Payment Plans


Middle School 
Grades 6 - 8


Grades 9 - 12


Costs INcluded In 学费

Lower School Grades PK-5 学费 includes:
所有的书, 材料, and activities such as school supplies, 手册, and e-resources, all costs associated with both on and off campus field trips held during the school day, and 年鉴. Healthy, nutritious hot lunch and snacks. Laptop Computer - Macbook Air use for students in grades 3-5.

Middle School Grades 6-8 学费 includes: Laptop computer - Macbook Air, 大多数书, 材料 and activities such as school supplies, 手册, and e-resources, participation on sports teams in season, extra time classes for additional academic support, study hall after school, and a 健康的, nutritious hot lunch.

上学校 Grades 9-12 学费 includes: Laptop computer - Macbook Air, 健康的, nutritious hot lunch, participation on sports teams and extracurricular activities, student activities, entry to most athletic events, extra help from classroom teachers, additional academic support: including math and writing labs, college and personal counseling, PSAT考试, athletic training services, student newspaper, lab fees and supplies, some field trips.


Costs NOT INcluded In 学费

All students: 

  • Transportation to/from school.
  • All students are required to wear uniforms. 访问 Jonathan Reed for additional information

成绩PK-2: 制服, aftercare, after school enrichments and activities.

等级3 - 5: 制服, 体育制服, extra athletic spirit wear, 班级旅行, some field trips and some enrichment activities. Opt-in tennis instruction and instrument rental fees.

成绩6 - 8: 制服, 体育制服, extra athletic spirit wear, overnight 班级旅行, some field trips and some enrichment activities. Opt-in tennis instruction and instrument rental fees, dance company uniform, opt-in after-school (non SA team) swim club, 网球俱乐部, 网球课, 年鉴, small supply pack that can be purchased at the bookstore on campus.

9 - 12年级:  制服, books, 年鉴, team fees for extra athletic wear and team meals etc., AP and IB testing, some school social events, overnight 班级旅行.

这 list is subject to change and may not be all inclusive.


Financial Aid

We offer a comprehensive, need-based financial aid program for pre-k-12 students and a merit scholarship program for students entering grade 9 students. Each and every one of our Scots families is unique, and with a financial aid budget of over $4 million, our financial aid program assists more than 150 qualified students each year from pre-k-12 to make a Saint Andrew’s education financially feasible.

Important to Know

Federal and State Funding




We Can't Wait to Meet You

Our school seeks students who have demonstrated academic excellence, a high degree of motivation, concern for others, and a desire to become a part of our community in 波卡拉顿. Our school takes pride in our students' cultural diversity, strength of character, and respect for others. 

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